Sale Bulls

We have a great lineup of Hereford bulls for sale at our 11th annual auction this coming February! We are breeding 400 purebred cows and 400 commercial cows, so we have a large group to choose from. Each one of these bulls are from a proven mother, and we use our own purebred bulls on our commercial herd. This ensures that we know how the cattle perform under a wide variety of conditions. These animals are ranch cattle, not petted or pampered, and are raised for longevity.

We stand behind these cattle and believe they can preform with anything over the continent. We invite you to come and look at our commercial bulls to see what our mature bulls look like.

We raise these bulls for consistent weight gain so that we do not need to push them hard at any time. We don’t touch their feet, but cull any bull with foot problems, no matter their age.

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A special thank you to our friend and loyal customer, Terry Mappin from Lazy M Bar Ranch for her excellent photography skills. The photos you see here were taken and processed by her. To see more of her work, please visit her Flickr page, Facebook page, or find her on Instagram!

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